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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.


Tuesday Tips SUPER WEEK - Push it!

Clarity is probably the most important thing to think about at all time when boarding. Pushing your poses to an undeniable level of clarity will improve the clarity of the storytelling in general. Don’t leave space for uncertainty in posing out your characters. Your audience will be more engaged and entertained by the sequence.

This is the last post for the Super Week. I hope you enjoyed it. Back on the regular schedule next week (Every Tuesday).



In the final episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ there are two shots in a pivotal scene that are perfect examples of how to use camera movement to amplify the narrative and surprise the audience. With one simple pan and one simple dolly there is a set-up and shortly after, a dramatic pay-off. The scene at first appears to be just conveying information to the viewer. Then, with one pan and one dolly move the scene is flipped on its head and is seen in a whole new light. This could only happen through writing, direction, set design and camera movement working in unison. A Steadicam or crane shot through a window could never have achieved the emotional impact of a simple pan and dolly. —Vashi Nedomansky, ‘Breaking Bad’ – Motivated Camera Movement

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All New X-Men #25 I got the invite and couldn’t believe my lucky stars. Illyana Rasputin and Kitty Pryde. Can I do it like a movie poster? Heck, YEAH?! I want to make it like a Lee Marvin bombs-a’-bursting, car chase extravaganza with ninjas and monsters. I was running a fever on the days I was completing it and crossed my fingers as I sent it off. And here it is finally. I had to block out the fact that there are all these amazing artists who are in the same book (terror). I would have just froze.

Gratitude and much respect goes out to the great Brian Michael Bendis for tailoring this to give me so much room to play and Nick Lowe for tremendous support and encouragement. I hope I can do more in the future.


Angela Lansbury looks at Angela Lansbury.
Photograph by Charles Thomson (@CEThomson) at the Angela Lansbury Film Festival @PoplarFilm.


Angela Lansbury looks at Angela Lansbury.

Photograph by Charles Thomson (@CEThomson) at the Angela Lansbury Film Festival @PoplarFilm.

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very quick Violet! (Yay!)

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